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Book Today For £549 - Save £50! Uncover New Strategies To Cultivate Change-Positive Cultures, Champion Continuous Improvements & Embed The Latest Tech Innovations For Tangible Results!

Revolutionise Tech & Automation Efficiencies & Redefine Company Cultures For Intelligent, Sustainable & Future-Proofed Continuous Process Excellence & Business Improvements
Transform Your Culture Of Process Excellence & Continuous Improvement Post-Pandemic By Creating Change Champions Throughout The Organisation & Successfully Implementing & Integrating New, Benefit-Boosting Technologies, Automation, Methodologies & Data Efficiencies To Achieve Real Results For Both The Business & Customers

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, Central London, 22nd February 2022.

25 Process & Business Improvement Leaders Unite & Uncover Strategies To Cultivate Change-Positive Cultures Which Embrace & Champion Process Excellence & Continuous Improvements Throughout The Organisation & Strategies To Embed The Latest AI, ML, RPA, Tech, Data & Methodologies Into Day-To-Day Business Operations For Tangible Results

  1. Brand New, Streamlined Continuous Improvement Initiatives: Develop your process strategies to maximise sustained and lasting change
  2. Automation, ML, RPA – Maximise Business Impact & Growth: Unlock the potential of automation in your business
  3. Engage People, Change Cultures & Embed Improvement! Achieve the right organisational structure and culture to secure long-term success
  4. Reset & Reignite With Robust Post-Pandemic Processes: Lessons learned to redesign business processes and power innovation and engagement in the new hybrid-working world
  5. Drive Results With Data-Driven Process Excellence: Strategically evaluate and interpret data to ensure evidence-based decision making and inform new strategies
  6. The Latest Budget-Friendly, Quick-To-Implement Tech! Assess new technologies to best serve your business goals
  7. Secure Excellence With Best-In-Class Methodologies: Critically analyse methodology applications and process improvement schools of thought to reap the benefits day in, day out
  8. Watertight, Winning Measurement Strategies: Accurately benchmark KPI productivity, performance and progress to tangibly record results and refine ongoing strategies
  9. Fuel Progress By Engaging Leaders & Securing Buy-In: Develop improvement champions in your leadership who positively influence wider business cultures
  10. Navigate & Overcome Obstacles & Barriers To Change: Real-life lessons learned and experiences shared for conquering obstacles to change and improvement

Why Attend The 2022 Process Excellence Conference?

  • 25 Brand-Side Leaders From Pharma, Transport, Utilities, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, Retail & More!
  • 4 Years Of Fresh Insights - New Case Studies & Innovations!
  • Back Year After Year Due To Popular Demand!
  • 4 Dedicated Informal Breakout Discussions
  • In-Person Networking At A Central London Venue
  • NEW For 2022! Post-Covid Processes & Data-Driven Efficiencies

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You'll Be In Safe Hands. Here's What Previous Attendees Have To Say:


'Excellent speakers, worthwhile networking and good debate and sharing.'
AB Agri


'Informative in a friendly and relaxed environment with no hard sells!'
Stonegate Pub Company


'Thought-provoking insight into bringing about successful change and taking people with you on the journey.'

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks


09.20 Continuous Improvement Approaches To Transform Your Organisation, One Step At A Time With High-Performing, Resilient Teams Who Drive Agility & Sustained, Lasting Change

  • Kickstart new, streamlined CI initiatives within teams in this new world without allowing the business to fall into old habits
  • The challenges of translating ideas into reality! From identifying areas for improvement to designing strategies to embedding new ways of working into business DNA
  • Just how can you create that constant desire for better results in your teams? And how can you best instil resilience and support them in always striving for more when it sometimes feels relentless?
  • Maintain agility and flexibility to adapt to new information such as updated rules and regulations

Tony Blanch, Quality & Business Improvement Director, Network Rail


09.40 Find Fertile Ground For Automation, Machine Learning & RPA To Maximise Business Impact

  • The good, the bad, the ugly: what systems are really worth your time and money?
  • Unlock the potential of automation for home and remote workers to achieve the same (or better!) results as in the office
  • As robotics becomes increasingly sophisticated, what does the future hold for successful RPA application?

Christoph Kolter, Head of Business Excellence & Quality Management, Siemens


10.00 Lead By Example In The New-Normal: Achieve The Right Organisational Culture To Minimise Cultural Roadblocks & Achieve Long-Term Process Excellence Success

  • Invest in your teams to keep the entire organisation informed and engaged to contribute towards meaningful change – no matter where they are based!
  • How do you standardise processes when your employees have such varying needs?
  • Enthusiasm isn’t always enough! How can you incentivise and motivate your teams to proactively further process improvements?
  • Training, tactics and tips to embed a process-improvement mindset across the entire organisation
  • Increase buy-in and appetite for change with employee-centred process improvement initiatives where everyone can see a direct correlation between PEX and their working life

Lauren Lewis, Director of Business Change & Transformation, OVO Energy

Steve Marjot, Head of Change Centre of Excellence, NatWest Group

Monica Reid, Agile Lead, Scottish Power

Melanie Wates, Head of Operational Excellence, Schroders

Jason Langdon, Head of Business Improvement Unit, University of Southampton

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.15 Forget Everything You Thought You Knew! We’ve Hit The Reset Button On Process Excellence: Lessons Learnt & How To Embed “Needs Must” Bare-Boned Working Learnings Into Business-As-Usual

  • It’s more than survival: how can you use the lessons learnt over the past two years as a unique opportunity to embed positive, long-lasting change?
  • What is the tried-and-tested tech out there to create collaborative hybrid working environments and still achieve engagement, innovation and spontaneity?
  • Design your future policies around long-term flexible working practices, ensuring your people’s needs are central to the process for engaging, safe and positive working environments

Louise Loudon, Head of Business Excellence, Siemens


11.35 The Numbers Don’t Lie! Leverage Data To Set Business Priorities & Make Long-Lasting Changes Which Positively Impact The Customer, The Company & The Bottom Line

  • But what is the data telling you? Tactics to best assess and interpret the information at your fingertips to uncover problems and design improvements
  • Ensure evidence-based decision making by strategically determining where improvements will add the most value to the business with data-led approaches to evaluate potential cost savings and waste reduction
  • Solidify business cases with concrete information and data-driven arguments to convince the board of process improvement direction and achieve organisational goals

Sommer Croft, Head of Central Delivery & Agile Performance, Sky Betting & Gaming


11.55 Chris Duddridge, Head of Europe Sales, Soroco

12.10 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


12.20 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Agile

B) Schools Of Thought

C) Hybrid Working

D) Robotics

13.10 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Monica Reid, Agile Lead, Scottish Power


13.20 From Process Mining To Cloud Architecture To Workforce Solutions… Assess The Latest Technologies To Uncover The Best Tech To Match Your Organisation

  • Out with the old and in with the new? Explore available new tech to best serve your business and targets
  • Weigh-up the costs and benefits of process mining – is the price tag worth the insight into the data that sits behind all your processes?
  • Where money is tight, discover new tech that is available for any budget
  • How to drive efficiencies with new tech without compromising colleague experience

Daniel Burrows, Senior Business Analyst (InDigital), Jaguar Land Rover


13.40 Don’t Accept The Process Methodology Status Quo: Keep Pace With The Latest Process Improvement Schools Of Thought & Move Away From A One-Size-Fits-All Approach

  • Improve your improvement strategy! Whether Kaizen, Agile, Lean, Six Sigma or your own special blend… what are some adaptations you’ve made recently to better suit your team and business’s needs?
  • From identifying the need for improvement to strategy deployment, what are your criteria for selecting a specific methodology?
  • How does the rise in human-centred design complement or conflict traditional OPEX or PEX mindsets?

Anne Doyle, Director of Operations & Agile, Skyscanner

Shelley Davies, Director, Process Excellence & Automation, BT

Simon Evans, Business Performance Director, Vitality

Gemma Lewis, RPA Lead, National Grid

Amalio Monzón, Head of Business Improvement Support, Spain, Airbus Defence & Space

14.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

14.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.10 Strategically Assess Productivity, Performance & Progress With Watertight Measurement Tactics Which Evidence Progress

  • Are our efforts tangibly reflected in the end business goals? Set process improvement KPI’s to actively benchmark progress in areas from efficiency and cost-saving to sustainability or enhanced customer experience
  • Measure as you go… quickly and accurately temperature check how ongoing initiatives are performing and leverage data gained to rework and reinvigorate process improvements on the fly
  • It’s no secret that time is money so how can you reduce complexity and inefficiency to measure more effectively?
  • Explore bespoke metrics to best suit the organisational architecture, and evaluate metrics accordingly to ensure compliance to wider business objectives

15.10 Perspective One

Dr. Sanjay Bhasin, Head of Continuous Improvement – Probation Service, HM Prison & Probation Service

15.30 Perspective Two

Saheed Salawu, Head of Business Performance & Delivery Excellence, Western Europe, FUJITSU


15.50 Change Is The Only Constant: Work With Your Leaders To Truly Embed Process Improvement & Excellence Into The DNA Of The Organisation

  • Change comes from the top: cultivate authentic messaging from leadership that channels positive working cultures and champions business improvement
  • Candid conversations to keep leadership updated on negativity and employee morale and actively overcome challenges such as fear, resistance and blame cultures
  • Understand how to speak your leadership’s language! From data to storytelling, how can you best communicate your priorities and ensure ongoing business backing?

Luke Sambridge, Head of Business Excellence & Transformation, Affinity Water


16.10 Navigate & Overcome Obstacles & Barriers To Change

  • Preparing for the unexpected! How can we learn from experience to mitigate issues before they appear?
  • If process failure is always linked to our people, how do we overhaul our approaches instead of facing a constant uphill struggle?
  • Stop, look, listen: what are the warning signs to pause an improvement roll out, identify and understand the root causes and replan?
  • Learning from experience, what have been your biggest career learning points that you’ll always carry with you?

Azeeza Sunmonu, EMEA Commercial Operations & Lean Leader, GE Healthcare

Carlos Arturo Ortiz, Operational Excellence & WCM Director, Tetra Pak

Nigel Fletcher, Group Business Improvement Director, Pets at Home

Gwen Turner, Head of HR Strategic Planning & Process Improvement, Trinity College Dublin

16.40 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

Monica Reid, Agile Lead, Scottish Power

16.50 Official Close Of Conference

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