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We Hope You Enjoyed The Process & Business Improvement Conference! Why Not Take A Look At Our Sister Event, The Operational Excellence Conference:

Drive & Sustain Operational Excellence With Savvy People Engagement & Culture Change Strategies: Win Buy In From The C-Suite To The ‘Shop Floor’, Embed Change-Ready Cultures & Align Customer-Centric OPEX Strategies To Business Goals & Leverage New Technologies & Data For Effective Continuous Improvement Journeys, Long-Term Efficiencies & Impressive, Measurable Results.

A One-Day, Cross-Sector Conference & Networking Event, 25th February 2020, One America Square, Central London

3rd Annual Event Back By Popular Demand! 24 Cross-Sector Industries Share Practical Advice, Experiences & Lessons Learnt To Optimise Processes & All Levels Of The Organisation For Sustained Operational Excellence Which Furthers The Goals Of The Business & Makes A Real Impact

  1. Integrate & Align OPEX With Business-Critical Objectives: Embed OPEX into the business DNA to identify and align with strategic organisational goals
  2. Embed Receptive, Improvement-Ready Cultures: Cultivate performance-enhancing cultural and behavioural changes
  3. Overcome Resistance To Change & Continuous Improvement: Unlock employee advocacy to tackle change and uncertainty proactively and achieve long-term objectives
  4. Measure The Bottom-Line Impact Of OPEX: Setting KPIs and metrics to assess and benchmark progress and demonstrate business results
  5. Secure Leadership & Middle Management Buy In: Build the case for ongoing commercial backing and inspire real support for operational improvements which last
  6. Maintain Employee Engagement & Shop Floor Motivation: Tap into employee drivers, behaviours and psychology to act on feedback and secure buy-in for operational improvements which stick
  7. Tools, Tech & Robotics – Opportunities & Hurdles: The pitfalls and hurdles to making the right investment and successful integration
  8. Drill Into The Data! Deliver evidence-based operational improvements and efficiencies
  9. Customer-Centric OPEX? Design operations with the customer at the heart to add value, reduce frustrations and improve quality of service
  10. The Future Of OPEX: Future-proof strategies to stand the test of time and changing systems, people, tech, workforces and methodologies

Why This Operational Excellence - Engaging People, Changing Cultures Conference? 

  • 24 In-House Practitioners Speaking In 1 Inspiring Day: Food & Drink ✓ Construction ✓ Retail ✓ Pharma ✓ Travel ✓ Finance ✓ Logistics ✓ Healthcare ✓ Infrastructure ✓ Telco ✓ Broadcasting
  • 3rd Annual Event, Back By Popular Demand!
  • 100% Satisfaction In 2019
  • Updated Agenda, Practical Insights, 22 Cross-Sector Case Studies
  • New! Aligning OPEX To Business Goals
  • New! My OPEX Journey: What’s Next?
  • New! Quick Wins, Hard-Won Truths Panel
  • 4 Interactive Panels: Culture, Engagement, Lessons Learnt, Measuring Impact
  • Interactive Voting & Q&A
  • 4 Informal Peer Discussions: A) Agile B) Lean C) Middle Mangers D) Women In OPEX

"Great opportunity to learn from others' experiences!"


“Useful and thought provoking!”


“Excellent knowledge in one room. Good networking.”