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Coming Soon… The Process Excellence Conference Returns To London On 17th September In London

Engage People, Change Cultures, Drive Efficiency & Sustain Excellence For Continuous Process & Business Improvements

Build & Maintain A Culture Of Process Excellence, Engage People Throughout Change, Integrate New Technology & Automation Wisely, Sustain Momentum, Win Leadership & Grassroots Buy-In & Effectively Evidence Success To Drive Lean Improvements, Skyrocket Employee Engagement, Optimise Efficiencies & Propel Results. A One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 17th September, Museum Of London, Docklands

Engage Grassroots & Leaders, Cultivate A Proactive Culture, Assess New Technology & Seamlessly Integrate Lean Strategies For Continuous Process & Business Improvements That Endure Through Change, Boost Employee Engagement, Maintain Momentum & Propel Efficiencies

  1. Proactively Engage People During Change: Decrease resistance to change and achieve process and business excellence through periods of significant change
  2. Change Mindsets & Behaviours For A Culture Of Process Excellence: Innovative and fresh culture change strategies to help you cultivate a culture of empowered, motivated problem-solvers
  3. Integrate New Tech With Justification! Transform organisations with realistic tech integration strategies for slick, automated processes (and understand when the process needs improvement first)
  4. Continuous Improvement Strategies Which Endure & Inspire: Create robust, self-sustaining processes that maintain momentum for ongoing business transformation and staff buy-in
  5. Demonstrate Tangible Results, Evidence Success: Effective measurement strategies to objectively determine ROI, bottom-line impact, onsite excellence and customer and employee value-added
  6. Win Leadership Buy-In: Transform senior staff and stakeholders into engaged change innovators for improvements that are sustained from the top
  7. Resonate With The Shop Floor: Overcome the ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality for teams that proactively support and are excited about change
  8. Mistakes, Challenges, Barriers, Disruptors! Real-life, practical strategies and lessons learnt for overcoming the inevitable hurdles in your process improvement journey
  9. End-To-End Process Improvement? Implementing the entire journey through from conception and planning to execution and ongoing momentum for long-term change

PLUS! This Process Excellence Conference Also Features:

  • 2 Q&A Panel Discussions: Culture Change Thought-Leaders & Overcoming Hurdles In Practice
  • Customer, ROI & Onsite Excellence Measurement Breakouts
  • 7 Facilitated Peer-To-Peer Discussions Covering: Psychology Of Comms, Schools Of Thought, Agile, Data & Information, Cleaning Up Processes, Avoiding Change Fatigue, Cross Cultural Settings
  • Interactive Voting & Open Q&A
  • Senior-Level Networking

"Great opportunity to learn from others' experiences!"


“Useful and thought provoking!”


“Excellent knowledge in one room. Good networking.”


Process Improvement Through Change • Driving Culture Change • Technology & Automation • Continuous Improvement • Measuring Improvement Results • Win Over Leaders • Engage Grassroots • Overcoming Hurdles In Practice • End-To-End Process Improvement

Can you help organisations boost their process excellence and increase business improvements? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0) 20 3479 2299 or email