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Our Partners

At Agile Automations, we have a vision of a future where Intelligent Automation is are used to revolutionise the roles and requirements of the future workforce.

Just as we have seen robots revolutionise the manufacturing industry by creating higher production rates, improved quality and cost savings, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is revolutionising the way we think about and administer business processes, workflow, infrastructure, administration functions and customer service.

Agile Automations’ solutions provide dramatic improvements in accuracy and cycle time and increased productivity in transaction processing while it elevates the nature of work by removing people from labour intensive, repetitive tasks, increased productivity and customer experience, both internally and externally.


Fortra is a cybersecurity company like no other. We’re creating a simpler, stronger future for our customers. Our trusted experts and portfolio of integrated, scalable solutions bring balance and control to organisations around the world. We’re the positive changemakers and your relentless ally to provide peace of mind through every step of your cybersecurity journey. 

Learn more at fortra.com.    

GENEO is a software house for Lean SaaS platforms.  We know what to digitise in Lean and what needs to be left to pen, paper and post-its.  Our goal is to optimise engagement, lift coaching performance, and drive continuous improvement.


Partners in Performance is an agile, fast-growing, international management consultancy. The driving force behind the impact Partners in Performance help organisations achieve, is in how we work with our client partners. We help our clients execute their strategy and build high-performance organisations.

What makes us stand out is our focus on getting the result through effective collaboration. We achieve meaningful and lasting change by drawing out the potential in people, coaching them to see their potential and empowering them to achieve it. This is where the magic happens, true transformation, when people reach further, achieving results often beyond what they thought possible.


Silico is a Business Process Simulation (BPS) Platform that lets organisations time travel into the future to design a more effective organisation through process improvement. Silico’s flexible simulation framework allows you to create forward-looking, quantitative models of business processes, connect them and synchronise them to data from across the organisation, and create a Digital Twin of the Enterprise.

Business Process Simulation allows our customers to explicitly model the resources and processes which drive metrics such as revenue costs and lead times. We help process owners to measure transformation initiatives on top-level KPIs so that they can make decisions that have the highest ROI for the organisation.