A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, Central London


Engage People, Drive Tech Efficiencies, Change Cultures & Embed Real, Lasting Improvements With Brand New & Improved, Streamlined & High-Performing Continuous Process Excellence & Business Improvements 

9th February 2023, Hilton Kensington, central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.20 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks 

Will Burrows, Continuous Improvement & Process Efficiency Manager, Halfords

Engaging Leaders & Securing Buy-In – Refreshed Insights

09.30 Secure Business-Critical & Continued Buy-In From Leadership With Authentic & Meaningful Communication & Messaging Strategies Which Truly Embed CI Into Your Organisation

  • The struggles of securing buy-in! How can you ensure senior leaders are changing their behaviours to enable, support and drive improved CI cultures?
  • The management of change management: explore how you can transform the mindsets of your leaders to drive a culture of autonomous improvement and create change champions in your organisation
  • Secure investment of senior leadership with top tips and tricks around how to effectively conduct a cost benefit analysis and how to present these critical findings to decision makers
  • Tackle backtracking with regular communication! Keep leadership central in project development and delivery with innovative approaches to stakeholder engagement today
  • Best articulate the ROI and value of process excellence to business leaders with implementable expertise on the issue of data visualisation and presentation

Dr Sanjay Bhasin, Head of Continuous Improvement – Probation Service, HM Prison & Probation Service

Engagement & Culture – Panel Discussion

09.50 Engage People, Motivate Teams, Change Cultures & Embed Real Improvements For Sustained & Successful Process Excellence & Business Improvements

  • Embed a process-improvement mindset across the entire organisation which encourages engagement and meaningfully involves people in the improvement process
  • Incentivise and motivate your teams in order to minimise day-to-day frustrations and employee resistance to change by making positive improvements and implementing a continuous, fruitful culture
  • Prove value and secure employee buy-in: create an appetite for change with digestible information which exhibits the positive improvements brought out by change and actively proves the long-term value
  • Invest in your teams and prioritise employees by ensuring they are central to the business by bolstering morale and motivation no matter where they are based, and maintaining a companywide commitment to CI

Carmella Delargy, Head of Continuous Improvement, Vitality

John Gallifant, Head of Operations, ODEON

Weronika Ortyl, Associate Director, Business Improvement, AstraZeneca

Louise Loudon, Head of Business Excellence, Siemens

Simon Evans, Business Performance Director, Vitality

Harriet Herman, Head of Business Change, AXA – Global Healthcare

Katie Entwistle, RPA DevOps Senior Specialist, Oxford City Council

Gavin Thompson, Process Architect, Liberty Speciality Markets

10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Partners In Performance


Continuous Improvement – Double Perspective

11.20  Develop Brand New, Streamlined & High-Performing CI Initiatives Which Maximise Sustained Change

  • Cultivate adaptive initiatives by integrating not only continuous improvement, but also business continuity planning in your transformation to maximise efficiencies
  • Strip it back! Return to the fundamentals of CI to simplify and refresh initiatives and minimise resistance to change by stripping back bloated methodologies
  • Collaborate and build greater lines of communication within your workforce to power engagement and empower employees to proactively drive the improvement culture
  • Drive CI in your organisation by simplifying the efficiencies toolkit for employees, making the language and techniques more accessible

 Gavin Thompson, Process Architect, Liberty Speciality Markets

Methodologies & Schools Of Thought – Panel Discussion

11.40 Assess & Evaluate Existing & Evolving Methodologies & Innovations In Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, Waterfall & Scrum For Tailored & Flexible Yet Robust Business Improvement Frameworks

  • Discuss and debate! What’s new, what are the strengths and limitations of available methodologies, and how can you determine the best frameworks for your organisation?
  • Put project lifecycle under the microscope to ascertain which will produce the most consistent and concise project delivery for you
  • The best of both worlds… explore the emergence of hybrid management and delivery philosophies and determine whether they could maximise efficiencies in your business

Tony Caink, Head of Lean Portfolio Management, Nationwide Building Society

Mark Homans, Director of Strategy & Operations, Santander UK

Lean Portfolio Management & Agile Operating Models

12.00 Case Study

Tony Caink, Head of Lean Portfolio Management, Nationwide Building Society

Tech Efficiencies – New and Improved

12.20 Assess, Accelerate & Simplify Your Organisation’s Continuous Improvement Journeys By Harnessing New & Cutting-Edge Tech

  • Accessible tech! How can you best leverage new technologies to drive forward business processes and boost efficiencies without breaking the bank?
  • Leverage light touch technology and process mining to drive improvements and maximise tech as a diagnostic tool to identify process improvements at pace
  • Stay ahead of the game by anticipating new technologies which may be about to disrupt and revolutionise the interconnected fields of processes, CI, customer journey and experience
  • Determine the new tech which is best suited for your business and targets, and seamlessly absorb these into your CI initiatives to minimise short term disruption internally

Scott Worth, Senior Digital Enablement Manager, Central England Co-operative

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.10 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Agile 

B) Lean Six Sigma 

C) Legacy


13.40 Afternoon Co Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Azeeza Sunmonu, EMEA Commercial Operations & Lean Leader, GE Healthcare

Will Burrows, Continuous Improvement & Process Efficiency Manager, Halfords

Automation: AI & ML

13.50 Maximise Successful & Sophisticated Automation & Machine Learning In Your CI Initiatives To Prove Value & Drive Business Impact

  • No code technology, no problem! Effectively implement no code technology in your organisation to broaden the skillset of your workforce and take the pressure off recruitment in a competitive labour market
  • Explore the new and improved automation technologies in the market you need to be investing in, and how to integrate these seamlessly into your strategies to keep up with the digitisation needs of the market
  • Automation can’t be left on autopilot… enrich your understanding of automation of governance by using business process or engineering as a mechanism to support this protective layer
  • Utilising automation doesn’t have to automatically increase expenditure… discover how to leverage the licences your organisation already uses to support the optimum functioning of processes

Data-Driven Efficiencies

14.10 Power Process Excellence With Actionable Insights Around The Efficient Gathering, Handling & Use Of Data To Positively Impact The Customer & The Company

  • Effectively evaluate potential cost savings and waste reduction with evidence-based decision making by determining the process improvements which will add the most value to the business long-term
  • Capturing effective metrics: explore best-practice tips and tricks to link the KPIs and metrics that you should be measuring to your core business strategies moving forward
  • Tackle the barriers that inhibit a data-driven approach to business improvement including the challenges presented by legacy systems and the skillsets of employees
  • Ensure the quality of your data throughout collection remains a top priority and translate critical data into actionable insights to forge strategies that are developed from the findings gained

Alexandra-Ramona Balas, Senior Delivery Manager (RPA), Paddy Power Betfair

14.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.10 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Measuring Success – Prove Value

15.40 Strategically Evaluate Progress, Productivity & Performance With Watertight Measurement Tools & Metrics Which Cut-Through & Evidence Real Improvements

  • Maximise flow metrics and data-driven approaches to successfully measure ROI and project benefits to prove the value of your initiatives
  • Identify areas of improvement to tailor metrics unique to your business’ operations, allowing for greater precision in your improvement measures moving forward
  • Quantify the value of your CI initiatives by setting up process improvement KPIs that shine a light on all aspects of your operations, from customer experience to cost and sustainability


Overcoming Barriers – Panel Discussion

16.00 Identify, Navigate & Overcome Barriers To Change By Exploring Real-World Lessons Learned & Tips For Future Successes

  • In turbulent times prepare for the unexpected by learning from previous experiences to mitigate and anticipate issues before they arise
  • What lessons can be drawn as CI has adapted to challenges of COVID, hybrid working, supply chain disruption and economic instability? How can these lessons be applied to tackle future challenges?
  • Speculate as to how methodologies will develop in the future in order to address a changing technological landscape
  • How can you overcome resistance to change from your people and break down barriers?

Tony Blanch, Quality & Business Improvement Director, Network Rail

Baljit Dhillon, Head of Change, British Gas Services & Solutions

Nicole Preston, Head of Operational Excellence, Balfour Beatty plc

Scott Worth, Senior Digital Enablement Manager, Central England Co-operative

Natalie Hall, Head Of Operations, The York Gin Company

Saima Satti, Global Head of Exams Business Improvement, British Council 

16.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference