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18 Cross-Sector, In-House Speakers Confirmed To Present At The Process Excellence Conference – Changing Cultures, Embedding Tech

Changing Cultures & Organisations & Embedding Technologies For Agile, Efficient Process Excellence: Cultivate & Sustain A Culture Of Process Excellence & Continuous Improvement By Winning Senior & Shop Floor Buy-In, Engaging Staff To Champion Change & Integrating Robotics, Automation & AI Technologies For Lean, Agile & Technology-Ready Business Operations, Better Customer Experiences & Increased Process Efficiencies

A One-Day, Brand-Led, European Conference & Networking Event, 25th September 2018, One America Square, Central London.

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Liz Ferguson
Lead CI Coach Retail Marketing & CP


09.20 Creating & Embedding A Culture Of Process Excellence In An Agile Environment

  • Embedding a culture of process excellence in the face of external change and encouraging proactive behaviours to share ideas, pool resources and alleviate issues
  • How do you action behavioural change to transform mindsets and cultures to adopt agile, lean and CI across the organisation?
  • Create a culture of excellence which provides a platform to celebrate success, increase efficiencies and encourage people to go above and beyond
  • Tapping into the wealth of knowledge within your workforce to identify the best initiatives and ideas which will really have an impact

Ric McCormick
Process, Improvement & Analysis Practice Lead
Vodafone Group Enterprise



09.40 Driving Continuous Change To Sustain Long-Term Process Improvement Strategies For Enduring Efficiencies & Business Success

  • Adopting a mindset of continuous change, failing fast and adapting strategies for process and change programmes which will stand the test of time
  • What are the pros and cons of rolling out processes in an organic, gradual way vs. the ‘big bang’ approach?
  • How can you best communicate progress and success throughout the organisation to maintain momentum and reduce change fatigue?
  • Building the belief in PEx: identifying change agents and convincing the workforce that changes are in their best interests and here to stay

09.40 Sarah Wooledge
Business Improvement Manager

10.00 Pascal Paschalidis
Head of Continuous Improvement
Balfour Beatty

10.25 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


10.55 Exploring Industry & Real-Life Culture Change Experiences: Best-Practice Advice, Battle Scars & Lessons Learnt When Striving For Better Within Your Organisation

  • From ‘lightbulb’ moments to hard-won truths, what were the most important realisations you’ve experienced during a change programme?
  • Advice on monitoring and managing large-scale culture change across an organisation when there are so many moving parts within business process improvement
  • Avoiding your long-thought-out change strategies becoming a flash in the pan - how can we achieve longevity and sustain real culture change?
  • The impact of emerging tools, technologies, robotics, automation and AI on the workforce - how will this digital shift impact staff across the organisation and what can we do to prepare for this?
  • Actions speak louder than words! Demonstrating the impact of culture change on increasing process efficiencies, operational effectiveness, employee engagement and overall business success

Peter Evans
Director of LCI

Wendy Hulton
Head of RPA
Royal Mail

Naveed Khawaja
Director, Agile & Lean Transformation

Katarzyna Wojcik
Manager VPS4IT Center of Excellence
Volvo Group IT


11.30 Why Is Sustaining Superior Strategy Execution So Difficult? What Are The Key Principles That Enable The Best To Out-Execute The Rest? What Are The Different Approaches To Executing Strategy & How Do They Compare? What Resources Are Available To You To Help You Build A Robust Execution System?

Paul Docherty
Founder and Executive Director

AI • Robotics • Automation

11.50 Transforming Organisations With Evolving Technologies, Robotics, Automation & AI For Digitally-Capable Business Operations & Process Excellence

  • Long term, can we afford to keep on being slow moving or retain human-based approaches? How to present tech and automation of certain processes as business-critical and get the buy-in to take the financial plunge
  • Aligning the organisation behind automation and robotics...is the business ready?
  • How can we incorporate technologies into the business and processes and prepare the business to be technology-receptive to ensure successful implementation of automation, robotics or AI?
  • Robotics and automation are the new outsourcing - how to mitigate the impact of automation on the workforce, loss of job security - and to take advantage of the stored wealth of knowledge in staff, even though they might be reluctant and disengaged

Aslam Jilani
Continuous Improvement Lead Europe & South Africa
Shell Retail


12.10 Determining Where Process Automation Fits Within Process Mapping, Improvements & Overall Business Strategies For Successful Robotics, Automation
& AI Investment & Integration

  • Conducting process automation assessments to determine which processes need automation - when is human involvement important and where should we justify the costs and expected benefits?
  • What types of tech are on offer and what opportunities are there for improved business outcomes?
  • Where does process excellence fit in with RPA at the moment?
  • Driving continuous and process improvement to continually strip the waste out of new and poorly-implemented legacy technologies

Carsten Lützhøft
Director, Process Digitalisation
Novo Nordisk - International Perspective


12.30 Hear How Can Your Company Can #Domore & #Bebetter By Embracing The Digital Opportunity

  • Conducting process automation assessments to determine which processes need automation - when is human involvement important and where should we justify the costs and expected benefits?
  • What types of tech are on offer and what opportunities are there for improved business outcomes?
  • Where does process excellence fit in with RPA at the moment?
  • Driving continuous and process improvement to continually strip the waste out of new and poorly-implemented legacy technologies

Bertram Lutz
Head of Solution Engineering UK & Ireland

12.45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.15 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Essentials Of Cultural Change: Humans Not Robots

Lee Butcher
Offshore APQP & Risk Management
Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S

B) Engaging Leaders & Managers

C) International & Disparate Workforces

D) Data-Driven Process Excellence

E) Digital Transformation & Process Excellence

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Tosin Ojikutu
Senior Process Improvement Analyst, Business Process & Transformation


14.00 How Volvo Group IT Motivate Change & Secure Buy-In Throughout The Organisation

  • Motivating senior and middle management to drive sustainable change and reinforce a continuous improvement mindset
  • Encouraging the whole workforce to develop and improve their work and themselves – the “everyone has three jobs” approach
  • How to turn threats such as new technologies, increasing efficiencies or a need for change into opportunities by developing an effective two-way strategic dialogue
  • Examples of results, both soft and hard, from engaging the whole workforce in realizing VPS (Volvo Production System) in an IT environment

Berndt Forssell
VPS Coach, VPS4IT Center of Excellence
Volvo Group IT


14.30 Toby Hayles runs UK&I business development at K2 and will provide insight from their engagements and his personal experiences on the challenges and opportunities linking process and data.

Toby Hales
Head of UK Ireland


14.45 Cultural Transformation Towards Agile Workflows & Organisational Mindsets For A ‘Fail Fast, Learn Quick’ Environment Which Fosters Continuous Improvement & Faster Business Process Improvements

  • Balancing the need for quick improvements and agile deployment with potentially slow-moving mindsets or the need for large-scale change
  • Leveraging agile methodologies and piloting to deliver process improvement and change more quickly
  • Applying process excellence methodologies to fast-paced, consumer-driven organisations demands fluidity and flexibility - what can we do to equip ourselves?

Richard Frost
Lead Enterprise Architect, Transformation
YBS Group



15.05 Standardised Work In The Industry 4.0 Environment

 Mark Radley
MD Consulting
GENEO Software

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.50 Transforming Your Leaders & Managers Into Bought-In Influencers Who Drive Process Improvement & Excellence Throughout The Business

  • Tapping into workplace culture to best prove the value and reasoning behind change and process excellence to middle management and the wider departments
  • How do you enable and empower your leaders and managers to cultivate an environment of grass-roots idea sharing for first-class ideas straight from the front line?
  • Practical advice to combat negativity or disinterest from busy middle managers
  • What is the right tack when considering setting middle management KPIs to encourage a behaviour of process excellence?

Philip Hassall
Head of Business Excellence
Arriva Rail North



16.10 Transforming People & The Organisation For Consistent Lean Process Excellence & Technology-Ready Capabilities Across The Business

  • Designing your organisation or function from the ground up to be lean and drive efficiencies without losing rigour
  • How to foster internal and external collaboration to apply different methods and create a culture of innovation and fresh thinking
  • If it’s not broken, do fix it? The shift in focus for operational and process excellence in the front office - why would front-end systems want to change if they generate money or results?
  • How can large, international organisations align behind one methodology and achieve continuity?

Sally Jenner
Passenger Automation Account Lead
Heathrow Airport


Simon Wilcox
Automation of the Passenger Journey Programme Lead
Heathrow Airport



16.30 Reaping The Results Of Process Excellence On The Front Line: Leveraging Customer Analytics To Design & Generate The Optimum Mix Of Reducing Waste & Increasing Customer Satisfaction

  • Tapping into customer behaviour analytics and insights to assess the value of existing processes, determine where there is waste and to design new, fit-for-purpose processes
  • How do you balance the drive for efficient process excellence with the creation of value-adding customer services?
  • How can you improve processes in consumer-facing organisations to increase time spent directly on improving customer experiences?

Colin Christie
Head of People Development
Northumbria Police


16.50 Chair's Closing Remarks

17.00 Official Close Of Conference

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