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2 Speaker Interview Snippets – Request Full Interviews

How are BBC and Vodafone cultivating and sustaining a culture of process excellence and continuous improvement? By winning staff buy-in and engaging staff to champion change? By integrating robotics, automation and AI?

We caught up with Sarah Wooledge, Business Improvement Manager at BBC and Ric McCormick, Process Improvement & Analysis, Practice Lead at Vodafone Group Enterprise who will be two of cross-sector, in-house line-up speakers on 25th September at The Process Excellence Conference - Changing Cultures, Embedding Tech.

Please email Phoebe for the password to access the full speaker interview page, where we asked the following questions:

  1. From ‘lightbulb’ moments to hard-won truths, what were the most important realisations you’ve experienced during a change programme?
  2. Avoiding your long-thought-out change strategies becoming a flash in the pan - how can we achieve longevity and sustain real culture change?
  3. What advice would you give companies who are assessing their process maps to introduce RPA? What do you think are the best strategies for successful investment, integration and implementation?
  4. The impact of emerging tools, technologies, robotics, automation and AI on the workforce - how will this digital shift impact staff across the organisation - and what can we do to prepare for this?

Here's just a snippet of their expertise and insights:

Ric McCormick
Process Improvement & Analysis, Practice Lead
Vodafone Group Enterprise

vodafone 4 sp

"Engage your workforce. Bring them on the journey. Be clear on how this enables growth, in the true value they can bring and where their expertise is essential. Prepare and start the transition out of transformation into business as usual on day one – don’t wait until half way through (or worse - the end of) the change to do this. Ownership is key. Identify and engage the future business owners."

Sarah Wooledge
Business Improvement Manager

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"It is never easy to implement improvements, even when the benefits are really obvious. You are asking people to change habits they may have had for years, this will require effort and concentration. Make sure everyone gets plenty of support, encouragement and time to become proficient at the new ways of working. Keep everyone informed and involved through the whole process, don’t just expect them to do something different at the end. If they are part of the journey to the change, then they will be more likely to continue that journey in the future."